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Dessert Menu


Homemade Mascarpone Cheese Cake



Chocolate Truffle Cake



Vanilla Italian Cheese Cake



Crepe Rolled With Vanilla Ice Cream



Italian Caramel Pudding



Gelato: Tortuffo Chocolate, Fragola Strawberry, Vanilla-Chocolate


Sorbetto: Arancia Orange, Lemonatta Lemon, Annanas Pineapple

Mambo Italiano Restaurant

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Craving With Us

Are you tired of searching for one of the best dessert places in Mississauga? Stop right now, as we have the most delectable desserts you can find in town. We ensure that our menu is filled with a wide range of sweet and scrumptious treats bound to satisfy your sweet tooth. That's right, from classical sweets such as gelatos to something unique! we have something for everyone.


Our dessert shop in Mississauga has been around for years, and we've always maintained the quality of our desserts. Trust us, our customers rank us among the best dessert places in Mississauga because our menu is filled with incredible Italian desserts that are perfect for any occasion. Don't worry, we only source the highest-quality and the freshest ingredients in all of our desserts. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us right now.

Gelato Made From Natural And Fresh Ingredients

Indulge in the cool and creamy taste of Italian gelato. At our establishment, we cater to those seeking the best halal desserts in Mississauga. Our gelato is crafted using only the freshest and most natural ingredients. Whether you crave the classic flavors of Chocolate and Vanilla or the exotic tastes of our sorbets, you'll find them all listed on our mouth-watering dessert menu.

Our chefs pay attention to details when it comes to our gelato. What more? We offer various delicious options, each with its unique and delightful natural flavor. So, it doesn't matter if you are looking for a refreshing dessert on a summer day or a treat after a satisfying meal, you're already in the right place. We have everything that you need to end your sweet tooth cravings.

Mambo Italiano Restaurant
Mambo Italiano Restaurant

Every Bite Is Bursting With Flavor

Whether you are looking for something classic in Mississauga, we've got something for everyone. Every dessert ought to be a masterpiece. Our chefs are masters in their work, so they make your desired dessert more delicious. Yes, we tend to pay attention to every detail, and we also make sure that not only are our desserts delicious, but they tend to look visually stunning as well. Don't just take our word for it, TRY IT OUT! Customers have ranked us as the best place in Mississauga for Sorbettos.

Our High-Quality Deserts

We provide a range of other sweets besides Tira Mi Su, Trota Al Cioccolato, Torta Al Formaggio, Creppe Cannoli, and much more. Our desserts are made with the same high-quality ingredients and care, so you can be sure you're getting the best.


Everybody has various dietary requirements and tastes, and we at our dessert store know this. Because of this, we provide a range of choices, including vegan and gluten-free sorbettos, to satisfy various dietary requirements. So no matter your nutritional limitations, you can confidently savor our tantalizing desserts.

Our Mississauga dessert shop has everything you need, whether you want to satisfy your sweet tooth or need a dessert for a special event. So visit us right away to taste our delectable desserts to give your taste buds a treat.

Mambo Italiano Restaurant
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